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Renovating our camper has been one of the most challenging and fun projects we’ve done together. Below you can find sources for most of the things we used in our remodel (or very similar). If you are looking for all the posts we’ve written about the renovation process, just check here.

barefoot detour kitchen

Shop our kitchen area

renovated damper kitchenette

Shop our dining room area

Renovated entry camper

Shop our entryway

Re renovation farmhouse inspired

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The basics tools for remodels

While renovation our camper we used some this basic items as well, most of them we already owned, but I’m adding them here just in case.

Amazon finds

Farmhouse decor idealist

Looking for more farmhouse decor items? Check out our idea list with awesome farmhouse style decor items, from lights to wreaths and signs, we got you covered!


shop our amazon remodel list
shop our amazon remodel list