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7 beautiful farmhouse bedrooms looks in a budget

It is no secret that finding the perfect farmhouse bedroom decor can be very hard if you want to have original vintage pieces, hunting them down can take so much time, and they can be very pricey.

So today we are going to look for budget-friendly options to achieve a lovely farmhouse look from seven real gorgeous bedrooms, so stay tuned! And if you rather save this post for later, save it to Pinterest.

I tried to look for affordable items that are similar to the ones used for these talented ladies when decorating their bedrooms, so let’s check them out and remember to follow each one of them for more Farmhouse inspiration!

Amazon finds

Farmhouse decor idealist

Looking for more farmhouse decor items? Check out our idea list with awesome farmhouse style decor items, from lights to wreaths and signs, we got you covered!


Ok, let’s jump into the beautiful farmhouse-inspired bedrooms <3 For the sources of each image, click on the links of the descriptions.

1 Soft & ruffled farmhouse bedroom

Ruffles are here to stay, and you down have to go overboard to make them adorable, Chasity from @Blessedmillhouse shares her bedroom, and one of the items we loved the most is her Duvet cover with the edge ruffles, mixed with her oversize knit blanket they make a beautiful and cozy bedroom.

[ Picture from @Blessedmillhouse via IG ]

2 Clean bedroom with a vintage touch

Victorian black iron metal bed frames are one staple of farmhouse decor that we just can’t get enough, and this bedroom by Alicia from is just dreamy! We love how she incorporated the grey blankets, white nightstand and vintage nightlight to make her room airy and farmhouse inspired.

3 Grey and white farmhouse bedroom

This vintage-inspired bedroom by Megan from @txsizedhome is a beautiful example of how much of a statement a plaid duvet cover can make. The original she used is from Pottery Barn, but this one looks very similar for a fraction of the cost. We love how she added urban galvanized light fixtured on each side of the airplane sign and topped it off with an oversized black clock.

[ Picture by @txsizedhome via IG ]

4 Vintage farmhouse bedroom

The first thing I loved when I saw this farmhouse bedroom reveal by Misty of was her DIY lamp, she made it with a cage and bulb like this one, and a simple wood bracket attached to the wall, it gives the room such a lovely industrial/rustic look. The small stripes duvet cover ties everything together along with the black iron bed frame.

[ Picture by Mis DIY blog ]

5 Dreamy and airy farmhouse bedroom

This romantic bedroom is by Chelsea from @blassed_ranch on IG, I love her feed so much, her farmhouse style is always so on point, and her bedroom is no exception. For anyone wanting to re-create a vibe like hers, I would recommend adding a Magnolia wreath to add a green touch behind a whitewashed window frame. Maybe adding some wood candle holders and lay a chunky white blanket to complete the look.

[ Picture from blessed_ranch on IG]

6 Airy and cream farmhouse bedroom

This beautiful farmhouse bedroom by Megan from is so lovely, some of the elements that I love the most are the black iron bed frame, the wood candle holders and the blanket ladder (you can’t see it so much in this picture). The cream plaid pillows complete her look, and it’s so lovely.

[ Picture by txsizedhome on IG additional picture in their blog ]

7 Blue and orange industrial farmhouse bedroom

This room for the 6-year-old of Jen from @OurHavenBliss is such a great example that farmhouse doesn’t have to be just black, white and grey to be beautiful. I love the contrast of the blue plaid duvet cover along with all the orange details she incorporated, like her herringbone blanket, area rug, and little clock. Just lovely!

[ Picture by @ourhavenbliss on IG ]

 Looking for more farmhouse decor items on a budget? We create a full list of our favorite Amazon finds that you can check out below!

Amazon finds

Farmhouse decor idealist

Looking for more farmhouse decor items? Check out our idea list with awesome farmhouse style decor items, from lights to wreaths and signs, we got you covered!


And remember to save this post if you want to come back later!

I hope you enjoyed this decoration eye-candy and stay tuned for more farmhouse decoration inspiration.
Happy decorating!


Beth Butts

Tuesday 15th of June 2021

What color of get do you use on your walls? I looking for a color gray I would like! Getting ready to do our bedroom and 2 bedrooms !!