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RV Office: How to set up one to work from the road (16 inspirations)

RV offices are just as different in space and commodities as the owners and rigs they are set up on. So today I wanted to share some inspiration and also tips to help you get more organized and productive while working on the road, no matter how big or small your mobile office is.

Modern mobile office
[ RV office by @ashley.joyfullygrowing via IG ]

Being able to work from the road when you are a digital nomad is so important because that’s basically how you are able to stay on the road. But full time RVers are not the only ones that need a set up, and sometimes when you are in a long vacation you need to keep some work going or maybe computer work is just part of your on-the-road hobby.

No matter why you need an office in your RV, we have some tips and also some amazing inspiration from real offices that are set up inside home-in-wheels.

Things to consider when setting up an office in your RV

The size of the items that you will have on top of your desk will determine the kind of surface that you need. If you only need a laptop, chances are a bed tray, a standing TV tray or a very small drop-leaf table will do.

The size of your laptop and if you need additional space for a mouse or side area will also determine if you need a desk space instead.

Small desk come in as many options as needed, so depending on the size you need, there’s for sure something for you.

Desk ideas:

If your space is in a very odd shape, DIY a table-top, or a collapsible surface, could be the best option for you.

Above all, probably the most important factor that will determine how big your set up can be will be the available space in your RV.

In our case, I really wanted a designated area in our camper to set up a small desk, but after considering different option, I decided that a small tray would be the best for when I’m in the bedroom or the couch and I can always use the dinette when our boys are not using it.

So to sum things up, you will need to consider:

  • The number and size of the items you need to work
  • The available space in your RV
  • Determine if you need a permanent or foldable/put-away option
  • As you would with any other piece of furniture, check on the weight of your desk set up
  • Consider how the set up would be for while you drive and secure things in place.

RV internet connection and boosters

When it comes to working from the road, sometimes finding a reliable Wi-Fi connection can be very hard to find, RV campsites can have not only a very slow and not secure connection, but sometimes they are pretty much nonexistent.

So figuring out a way to securely connect to the internet is probably one of the most important things when working remotely from an RV.

celular booster

RV Cellular Signal Booster

This signal Booster is compatible with all US carriers including: AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, Straight Talk, U.S. Cellular and many more.

wifi camp pro

Long Range Wi-Fi Repeater RV

Looking for more farmhouse decor items? Check out our idea list with awesome farmhouse style decor items, from lights to wreaths and signs, we got you covered!

Different kinds of desk

Depending on the space you have and if you want to keep your work space permanent or as part of a different piece of furniture, I selected some options that would work, and they are all different sizes, so check them out!

mid century desk

If your rig allows it and has the space, I’ve seen a bunch of people add just a small regular desk, this small profile allows for you to attach it to the wall and have storage in the drawers.

leaf folded desk

A good option not just for a desk but also for a dinner table, is this awesome lightweight foldable table, it can be installed in your rig and folds to free so much space when not in use.

folded desk

This wall mounted option is also great and while smaller than the previous, it allows having enough room to work and puts away neatly when you don’t need it anymore.

wall mounted desk

Just like the table option, this is great for having a working surface, additionally this offers a great storage and organization space that you can use when open. Great to put thing away while driving.

hung wall desk

This is a very similar option, but it also had a long drawer that you can use for storage, unlike the previous there are no legs and the weight of the desk is fully supported on the wall.

collapsable desk

This option is also wall mounted but in a lighter wood color, it folds and is completely out of the way when not in use.

foldable desk

If you would like a little bit more room without having to mount something to the wall, this might be for you, it stills folds and can be put away with a small footprint.

couch bed desk

I like this option because it can be easily placed on the side of a chair or couch, and be used as a side table, but it’s larger than most, so you would need a bit more room for it.

coffee table desk

If you have the space for a coffee table, this option of having both a desk and coffee table integrated into one piece of furniture is a great option.

bed tray

Sometimes, all the space we have is what we can put in our laps, and that’s ok, this bed tray is a great option with foldable legs. Check out one of our inspiration pictures to see it in action.

bed tray laptop

This is actually the option I selected for me, we have a very limited space and this fits my 16″ MacBook Pro and I have space for the mouse. I love it!

Inspiration for your Digital nomad RV set up

I am excited to share some of the best inspiration around to help you set up a space where you can work on the road.

After running into all the images below while researching RV offices, I knew I had to share them with you because if you are like me, eye candy never gets old!

If you are not following the accounts that I am sharing also consider following, and check out the rest of their remodels, because while I am only sharing the RV office space they have set up, the rest of their rigs are just as amazing!

1 Office set up by @shiannerose

small mobile office
[ RV office by @shiannerose via IG ]

One of the things I love the most about this set up is how simple and efficient it is. A comfy chair, a big enough surface to work and hold your gear is pretty much everything you need. It doesn’t hurt that the surrounding is so calm and beautiful! Right?

2 RV Office set up by @avilesadventures

office in Rv
[ RV office by @avilesadventures via IG ]

The mix of textures in this small RV office was the first thing that caught my eye, it feels like the dream space to get things done, and probably what’s the most shocking is the before picture that Aubrey shared along with her set up. Just look below!

RV office inspiration before


Can you believe that this is the same space? Opening up the cubby by taking the upper cabinet and the doors ate the bottom create the perfect work retreat!

To check more of Aubrey’s remodel, check her profile here.

3 Boho office set up by @leeannieblivin

RV office boho
[ RV office by @leeannieblivin via IG ]

I’ve shared this camper renovation by LeeAnn in my roundup of Boho-inspired campers because it’s just s lovely, but I HAD to also include it here, because her working space is breathtaking! She used the space in one of her slide-outs to make this super cool desk!

4 Office set up by @kalifornia_kountry

RV office corner desk
[ RV office by @kalifornia_kountry via IG ]

Brittany did such a great job transforming this little corner of her camper into the perfect working station, the small footprint of the desk makes it so perfect for RV life.

5 Work set up by Christy of @thesedaysofgrace_

RV office in bed
[ RV office by @thesedaysofgrace_ via IG ]

Sometimes we have to work with what we can fit in our laps, and this is the perfect example of that, using a bed table to get things done next to the furry baby.

6 RV Office set up by @wherewildonesroam

tall inspiration desk
[ RV office by @wherewildonesroam via IG ]

Kris & Andy not only have one of the most awesome Toy Hauler renovation’s I’ve seen, but they also have such a cool office space, and while it might not be the biggest, it’s packed with everything they need to create content in the sit or stand desk.

7 Work set up by @becomingborderless

modern desk dinner table
modern slide desk
[ RV dinning and office by @becomingborderless via IG ]

I love this set up because it also can double as a dining area, and the extended center leaf give them so much more room! Check out Adam and Destiny’s adventure in their TV show here.

video editing in RV
[ RV office by @becomingborderless via IG ]

8 Work set up by @trav_travels_

vanlife work station
[ RV office by @trav_travels_ via IG ]

This perfect example of minimalistic workspace by filmmaker and van lifer Travis Enck is so cool. He uses the dining table of his van to get editing done while on the road.

9 RV Office space by @thelincolntribe

RV office ikea desk
[ RV office by @thelincolntribe via IG ]

I have this exact same Ikea desk at home, so it made me super giddy to see it used inside an RV as the office desk of choice, one thing I love about Ikea furniture is that because most of it is made out of particle board or pine, it’s super light. And when it comes to adding weight, finding a lightweight option is always super important.

10 Mobile Office set up by @genuinely.ginger

RV office century modern
[ RV office by @genuinely.ginger via IG ]

Setting up a desk in from of the window of the RV is the perfect way to enjoy the view and get some work done from pretty much any location.

11 RV work space set up by @shelbyadrift

digital nomad set up
[ RV office by @shelbyadrift via IG ]

Shelby’s RV is also another one I shared when I did a roundup with some of the most breathtaking Bohemian inspired RVs. I love her chair and desk set up so much!

12 Office set up by @thehappyglamperco

digital nomad office
[ RV office by @thehappyglamperco via IG ]

Kelsey’s RV office is truly lovely, if you have the chance, go check out the rest of her RV, it’s to die for! I love that she made a dedicated area to get her work done ins style.

13 Mobile office set up by @mountainmodernlife

RV office inspiration DIY
[ RV office by @mountainmodernlife via IG ]

Katie and Eric from Mountain Modern Life not only have an amazing RV remodel, they also have an awesome blog where they share tutorials, RV features and lots of RV related articles. They recently made this modular desk with an extendable surface and shared all about it, read more about how they made it in their blog.

14 Class C Office set up by @tinkletravels

RV office collapsible desk
[ RV office by @tinkletravels via IG ]
RV office collapsible desk
[ RV office by @tinkletravels via IG ]

I love how Jessica created this little work area in their Class C motorwhome, it doubles as a reading nook that can be put away when not in use. She also added shelves at the bottom to add extra storage, such a lovely corner!

15 Fifth Wheel Office set up by @ateamlife

multiple monitor RV office
[ RV office by @ateamlife via IG ]

This double work station is so cool! I love the stained wood and everything about this RV office!

16 Mobile office by @ashley.joyfullygrowing

Modern mobile office
[ Mobile office by @ashley.joyfullygrowing via IG ]

Saving my absolute favorite for last! I love how much room was dedicated to the office space and don’t get me started on that table!

I love the minimal look and the warm wood tones, definitely a dream space to be productive and get work done!

Wrapping thing up

It doesn’t matter if all the space you have in your lap or if you can have a full wall to dedicate to your RV office, there is always a solution for every need and space =]

I hope this post inspires you as much as I was when looking for ideas for my own RV office space (aka my lap!) while we are traveling on vacation. (I know! I should not work while on vacation, but I can’t help it, sometimes I get my best work when surrounded by nature)

Happy travels!


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