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Modern RV remodel – Twinning in our 5thwheel feature

Tour this modern RV remodel from a family of 4 -plus a doggy- living full time in their 2005 Keystone Montana, you will forget this is actually a home in wheels!

You need to see this lovely renovated 5th wheel, full-time home to a family of four and a fur baby. #RVremodel #rvrestoration #camper remodel


I am so excited to share with you guys this awesome RV remodel, I actually found April’s amazing remodel when she asked me a question on IG about the lights in the boy’s bunk beds picture.

Right away I fell in love with their remodel and her family, she and her husband have twin girls that make appearances all over her feed and stories, so you should check them out in their Instagram profile.

April was so welcoming when I asked her to make a feature of her remodel, and she also responded to a few questions so all of you can read more about her family, full-time RV life, and their RV remodel.

So let’s start with the interview! 


April, can you share with us a little bit about you, your family and your RV?

I’m 33, I love reading books that make you look in the mirror and help you become a better version of yourself. I enjoy coming up with fun plant-based recipes that my kids will enjoy, and I have a healthy addiction to looking at homes for my clients. I can do it all day long!

My kids are my first priority, and we can color most of the day away, and be as happy as a clam. Jason is my other half, and he is one of the hardest workers I know.

He and I are an amazing team and together I feel like we can conquer the world. I look forward to our “date nights” when the kids go to bed, and we can stay up binge-watching Netflix; in other words, sifting through Netflix for an hour before we settle on The Bachelor #winning!

My girls just turned 4, they’re identical but couldn’t be more different! Brooklyn loves anything pink, princess, and unicorns, and she is super athletic! Adalyn loves orange, animals, and cars, and she can take anything apart and put it back together; I am always impressed. They’re both very sweet and thoughtful and the goofiest kids you ever did see.


The before


When and why did you guys decide to live full time in your RV?

We randomly talked about it one time when I watched a video on Eamon and Bec’s YouTube channel. They’re a full-time couple who live in a self-converted sprinter van. It is so awesome to watch their journey and it inspired us to do some research on how we could do something like that. That’s when I found Ashley from @arrowsandbow and at that moment I knew I could do it with my family too. I found Trina’s page at @rvfixerupper and I was hooked at that point I couldn’t wait to get my hands dirty. 

The before


We read in this interview that you live in a permanent spot? Can you explain more about that? Any plans to travel around?

Our spot is a permanent spot, this means that unlike other RV spots. We don’t have to move our RV after x number of days. We also have a permanent address with a mailbox and everything. We will travel in the future but at the moment are focused on saving, finishing our renovation, and just having fun in our city, there is so much to do it never gets old. We could never travel full-time because of both of our careers, but boy would that be fun for a few months. If we ever travel it would be for a small vacation (a week or so) here and there. 


What kind of RV do you have? Do you have any stories about how you got your hands on it?

We have a 2005 Keystone Montana 3295RK, and we stumbled on it by accident. We drove to RVMaxx and just started walking inside of all of the 5th wheels. The second I walked inside ours, my girls ran straight to what is now their play area, and they started playing. I instantly knew I wanted this one, I pictured it completed in my head as they sat there on the burgundy carpet, and I knew It had to be mine haha.


How much of the renovation did you guys do yourself, did you outsource any part of it?

We did everything ourselves, just the two of us. The girls helped with the painting too.


What are the most challenging parts of living in an RV with two little ones and a dog?

I can honestly say there isn’t much to complain about. We have a system, we got rid of 90% of our material things, and we are super low maintenance. We use the method, if we bring something in, something else needs to leave so I am very mindful of what I buy now. The hardest part for me so far is the water pressure and not having a garbage disposal. I miss my garbage disposal hahaha.


Did you make any special arrangements on the RV so your little girls Adalyn and Brooklyn will love it more?

I sacrificed having a dining room table, so they could have their playroom area. It was very easy to do though because in our last place I did the same thing. I knew it would be easy because of that. They also got the bedroom to sleep in. Our rig is a one-bedroom, we decided on that instead of a bunkhouse because I wanted more “common space” especially since I work from home and we are home a lot. I asked myself, “how often do we actually spend in our rooms, and can we live without it” the answer was an easy “yes”.

So, at night we shut their door and the rest of our space turns into a studio for Jason and me. Our couch is amazing and turns into an “almost” queen bed in about 10 seconds. Super easy and quite comfy. This was also before I found the mid-bunk rigs…If we ever upgrade that’s what we would get.


The before


Did you have to make any special arrangements for your dog Bailey?

Bailey is super mellow, he has his comfy Tempurpedic bed that sits next to the couch, food in his tummy, snuggles from all of us, and lots of outdoor time. We are outdoors so much more now that we moved in here, and he loves that.


What is the biggest change you experienced after downsizing to live tiny?

I feel liberated. I got rid of so much crap that was holding me down and keeping me in a state of funk. i.e. my wardrobe pre-babies that I was holding on to. Once I finally got rid of it all, I was able to figure out what I like now, and how I want to dress now, and I got a fresh start. I can say the same thing about decor too, when we moved up to Sacramento we bought a bunch of cheap furniture that I had zero attachment too just to fill our home, and it felt good to get rid of it all.



The before


How long did the remodel take you?

It took us a month to do the major stuff like flooring and paint, we are still working on the little things, and plan on finishing the bathroom remodel very soon.

The before 

What would you call the decorating style of your RV?

Ooh, I have no idea! I am all about the neutrals, I like things light, bright, and airy. I guess it is a combo of a few of my faves like Bohemian with all of the textures and my macramé fruit basket, and contemporary with my furniture haha I can’t seem to put a label on “style” what do you think?



We are in love with your big open living space, were you looking for an RV with that same floor plan?

We knew we wanted a lot of “common space” it was just a perk to find ours with opposing 12-foot slides, it makes the space feel very open, especially since the ceilings are also 9 feet high!


What is your favorite place to shop for decor pieces for your RV and for when you did your RV remodel?

I got most, if not all of my items for the RV from Target, Wayfair, Amazon, HomeGoods, and Ikea. I am all about a good bargain but I also always want to find pieces that will last a long time; especially with two kids.


What was the most meaningful project and your favorite piece of decor in the RV?

My most meaningful project was the girls’ playroom (inside and outside) I always think of them first, and want them to feel at home no matter where we are, but especially in their own home. It was very important to me to make that come to life. It was the first area I finished before anything else. Their stuffed animals were something I had a hard time parting with so finding our empty bean bags on Amazon was perfect! They’re stuffed with just about every stuffed animal they’ve ever had and we rotate them often to keep it fun and new.



If you could magically change one thing in your RV with the clap of your hands, what would it be?

My bathroom remodel. I want it to be done, but I don’t want to do it. Well, I want to do the decorations, but I don’t want to do the shower. haha Anyone wants to come to help me? LOL


What project was your least favorite project?

Painting! If I ever renovated an RV again, I would outsource the painting. I felt like it would never end!


What would be the number one advice you would give to someone starting an RV remodel?

Give yourself 4 times the amount of time as you originally thought you would need, take your time, and enjoy the process… once it’s done you will be so happy but you will also miss it. Maybe. Okay, ya…I don’t miss painting…

You need to see this lovely renovated 5th wheel, full-time home to a family of four and a fur baby. #RVremodel #rvrestoration #camper remodel

[ Picture by April via IG]


What would be your advice for anyone wanting to do full time living in an RV with kids?

DO IT, it is the best thing we have ever done. We didn’t have it all figured out and that is okay! We figured it out as we went, and knew we could! So can you!


Thank you so much, April, for sharing your remodel and beautiful family with us so we could get a little peek inside your lovely RV.

Now go follow April and stalk check out her lovely RV here!

I hope you guys enjoyed this feature! (our very first!!) and if you want to share your RV remodel with us, just contact us here.

Happy detour!

Awesome before and after of renovated 5th wheel


Thursday 3rd of December 2020

Looks awesome! Where did you get your couch and is it comfortable? I saw it online the other day as wanted to get one for my she-shed... brand?

Joy Kelley

Friday 4th of December 2020

Hi Monique!

I did cover some different couches and sofa bed options in this post: For the particular one shows here you would have to ask April, you can check her on Instagram She is amazing and super helpful, so I bet she can help you with your questions about the couch =]

I hope this helps! Joy -


Wednesday 16th of September 2020

I love what you've done. How did you do your floors. Do you have a video? My husband doesn't think you can put different flooring on our flush slides. Please help if you can. Thanks Cindy

Joy Kelley

Monday 21st of September 2020

Hi Cindy!

This renovation was done by the Amazing April from

I am unsure if she has a video about the flooring, but we do have a little bit of what our experience was for our remodel in this post:

I hope that helps! Joy -

Penny Redden

Friday 8th of February 2019

Thank you for that lovely and inspiring tour. How awesome! I enjoyed stepping inside other people’s lives and seeing how they make living tiny work! I think I could do the same!!!

Joy & Ken Kelley

Friday 15th of February 2019

April's 5th wheel is so awesome!! Thank you for coming to check out!