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RV Remodels: 15 of the most beautifully renovated RVs

Whether it is intended for full-time living or just to vacation, RV renovation is on the rise and we are loving it! Today we want to share some transformations we are obsessing about. These owners not only made their RV’s beautiful, but they have also taken RV transformations to the next level!

RV remodels and Tiny living are trends that are starting to make some real impact, becoming more and more popular, with each transformation, the most interesting part for us is to learn more about the stories behind them, and the people behind the remodels and the amazing community of RV living.

When starting with a remodel, many of us try our best to make the best out of the available space, some just try to make a small space look bigger, other’s focus on multi-purpose areas and multi-purpose furniture, but the one thing that we all want is to make our spaces more personal with meaningful and functional items.

All of the remodels we are featuring today achieve the looks of a beautifully decorated space, but most importantly, they offer the comforts of a conventional home in a nomadic situation.

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shop our amazon remodel list

Their owners have the option to literally “pack their house“ and go. This feature of RV living is one of the most wonderful flexibilities of living in an RV.

So get ready for some serious eye-candy, and follow them on social media!

Some of them have moved to bigger projects, but I’ve linked to all the places where you can see more of them and their RV transformations  *ahem* their Instagram accounts in most cases, and while you are there, don’t forget to follow us as well!

Let us know in the comments down below if you can manage to have only one favorite!

1 Buja and Mae

Jamie + Laura are the owners and transformation masters behind the account Buja and Mae; they have three little ones (just like us!) Hudson, Finn, and Everly. Their account is absolutely lovely and they also have a website you can check right here.

I love that the names come from their vehicles, Mae is their renovated 1973 Millard Caravan and Buja is the Landrover Defender they use to tow Mae around, you can see both of them in action right here. The transformation of Mae is so inspirational and what they accomplished in such a small space it truly admirable, this is one of my favorite pictures of their daughter’s bunk. They did such a remarkable job, follow them here.

[ Picture by @bujaandmae via IG ]
[ Picture by @bujaandmae via IG ]

2 Rose Henges RV remodel

Rose is an artist and herb-lover, I came across her RV while scrolling at #rvremodels on Instagram, and while she found her renovated dreamed RV when looking for inspiration on Pinterest, it seems like it was just meant to be when she saw the original owner @lantanahome posted it for sale the day after she started following her. 

It’s so cool to see her story and the additional remodels they are doing to the RV while focusing on sustainability, and a simple more intentional living.

Some of my most favorite elements are the Chalkboard doors in their refrigerator! When I shared ours on Instagram, she told me they also had one, so I could not wait to see what theirs looked like, and of course, it’s dreamy!

The also recently took away their microwave and top cabinets in their kitchen to make an open shelve that is to die for! Follow her for more Inspiration.

[ Picture by @rosehenges via IG ]
Check out this beautiful RV kitchen transformation!
[ Picture by @rosehenges via IG ]

3 The_ramblr_rv

Leah and Brennan are the couple behind this RV and account and amazing RV renovation. They are full-time RVers in their renovated 89 Holiday Rambler. I also ran into them on Instagram, and I love meow they travel with their pups.

The one space that catches my eye was their show-stopper bathroom, seriously, this has to be one of the coolest bathrooms I’ve ever seen. 

Leah is a Social media manager and works from their RV, talk about nomad dreams! You can follow their journey in their Instagram account here.

[ Picture by @the_ramblr_rv via IG ]
Check out this show stopper bathroom by the Rambling RV
[ Picture by @the_ramblr_rv via IG ]

4 Twinning in our 5thwheel

April, her husband, and 4-year-old twins live full time in their 5th wheel using an extended stay spot in Sacramento, CA. She is a Real state agent, and they started living full time in their RV as a way to save for their forever home.

I love her Instagram account, where she shares about her everyday life and her lovely renovated space, some of my favorite spots in their RV are the little nook they made for their girls, and how open their living room is. She is one to follow!

5 And the three rebels RV remodel

Rachel and her family (with three little rebels, like her name implies) are living full time in their RV for a year.
The features of her RV are fantastic, even the door for her master bedroom is amazing. I love the colors she selected for her cabinets and the bunks they have for their three little ones are not just adorable, but also so spacious! (For tiny living, of course!) Go give her a follow and check the rest of her stunning RV on IG.

[ Picture by @andthe3rebels via IG ]

6 Blooming oaks farm

Kaylie and her family are no longer living in their RV, but her Instagram account has many jewels where she shares before and after pictures as well as details shots like this one of their dining area or this one of their bedroom.

They are in the process of building their dream house and guys, it’s turning amazing! So give them a follow and check them out on IG.

[ Picture by @bloomingoaksfarm by IG ]

7 Mountain modern life

While the picture below is not an updated version of what their RV kitchen cabinets look like, I fell in love when I saw it on Pinterest, at that point we had already painted our camper cabinets dark grey and white, so I loved seeing their finished kitchen and gave me a vote of confidence.

Katie and Eric have a full website/blog and Youtube channel about their full-time RV life, and they not only share tutorials and tips for RV living but also showcase many of other full-time RV families and their renovations. If you are looking for awesome inspiration, their blog is the place to go!

[ Picture by Mountain modern life ]

8 House Made Lovely RV remodel

Tracy is currently renovating their 2016 Grand design Imagine camper and sharing every detail in her Instagram account. She also shares projects like these bunk beds they DIY, but I can’t get enough of her camper pictures like this of her entryway one or this one of their bedroom.

9 This little adventure

Even though Karlton & Toni are selling their RV, their IG is full of gorgeous pictures of their transformation, this one showing a pic part of their RVm is one of my favorites, their bathroom is beautiful as well. Definitely an inspiring RV transformation, and whoever ends up living in this 351 model, 1999 Damon Intruder is going to be one happy family. Check more pictures in their feed here.

10 The arrow anglers

While this is not the RV they are living in (this one was a flip they did after their own) I needed to share this kitchen because it’s just plain gorgeous, and don’t get me wrong their kitchen is so beautiful, but the space on this one gave me all the feels! Check out this post for additional pictures of this Keystone Cougar, and give them a follow on Ig for more beautiful pictures.

[ Picture by @thearrowanglers on IG ]

11 Thosebyrnesgirls RV remodel

I know you’ve read me say this already, plenty of times. But you have to check this beautiful family too. They are full-time RV travelers with four little girls, their RV is a dream, and if you go to their IG account, you will be hooked with pictures of their little space or their bedroom.

[ Picture by @thosebyrnesgirls via IG ]

12 The DIY Mommy

I love the work that Christina from The DIY mommy blog did with their camper. She also shared some very helpful post along with her transformation, like this one about how to paint on oak cabinets. If you like DIY projects she is your gal, her blog is full of super cool projects.

[ Picture by The DIY mommy ]

13 Gypsyandapirate RV remodel

The first thing that caught my attention about this remodel is the beautiful compass mural they have in the entry of their RV, their bedroom and bathroom (check out their backsplash!) is also pretty!

In their blog, they have a great tutorial on how to DIY faux marble counters that you should definitely check out if you are looking to remodel your own RV! And don’t forget to follow them on IG!

14 Coziehome RV trasformation

If you like bright spaces (like I do!) you are going to love this next remodel! This one is by Lana, she is a seamstress at @2sweetcheeks_ and is living there with her family of 5! She moved to her RV not so long ago and had shared some serious eye candy already. I love how minimalistic and white their bedroom is, and the bunk beds of their kids are so cool! You should definitely give her a follow!

[ Picture by @coziehome via IG ]

15 Arrows and bow

This account by Ashley Petrone was the very first one I ran into when looking for inspiration to renovate our camper, I absolutely loved what they did with their RV, and while they no longer live in it full time (they did for 18 months while their house was under construction) their IG account is filled with beautiful inspiration from their RV, just scroll down on  her feed.

If you want to see more pictures of this beautiful RV check out this post feature we did on them.

In her blog, Ashley shares some of her RV renovating process, as well as her current house renovation, so check her blog out!

[Picture by arrowsandbow on IG   ]

Bonus – The Howjoyful Camper

Of course, we could not finish this roundup without sharing our own, I know we might be biased, but we think it turned out pretty cute!
You can read some of the lessons we learned while remodeling here, and you can also read all about our remodel and process here.

Don’t forget to save this post for later so you can check this post with RV renovations again!

Do you have a renovation you would like us to see? Just contact us! We are always looking for inspiration to share with you guys!

Happy travels!



Sunday 15th of November 2020

What inspirational photos! I love the sink and stovetop covers. Did you get something specially cut or purchase it?

Joy Kelley

Thursday 19th of November 2020

In our case, we used Ikea desktops for the counter and also to replace the table in the dinette. They look like butcher block but at the fraction of the price =] My husband cut them to size, and we have only one small seam behind the stove top, but you can hardly see it.

I hope that helps! Joy -


Monday 7th of September 2020

I’d love to know where someone purchased the fridge wrap in the first photo. The black and white. I’d love it, or something similar!!

Joy Kelley

Thursday 10th of September 2020

Hi Karen!

I am not sure about what fridge wrap you are referring to, is it the fridge that has the flowers? I am not 100% sure but to me that looks like a chalkboard, you could always go that route and draw whatever you want. Or you could use wallpaper and place it on top of your refrigerator panels, there's so many options:

I hope this helps!