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Tour this fantastic Boho glam vintage camper remodel

Today’s feature is one that I am completely obsessed with! If you like vintage campers, and beautiful wallpaper with a pop of color, I guarantee you will be obsessed with this RV vintage camper renovation.

vintage camper remodel

I ran into Allison when she shared this beauty on a FB group, and I knew right away that I had to ask her for a little interview so that I could show you her AMAZING vintage camper reno.

So without further ado, let’s check this little beauty and the wonderful job that Allison and her husband did with the camper in the below interview, hopefully, you are as inspired as I was when I first saw it =]

vintage rv wallpaper backsplash

Can you give us a little background into you and your design style?

I love this question…mainly for the second part of it, but first a little bit about us.

I am a Fashion Designer turned stay-at-home mom of two boys, 9 yrs and 3.5 yrs old. My husband is a collegiate soccer coach, who normally travels a good chunk of the year, either during his season or recruiting in the off-season.

During Covid, as the world was placed on hold, so were our normal day-to-day lives. My husband’s season was placed on hold indefinitely, all recruiting came to a screeching halt. Therefore, we found ourselves having more time than ever before!!!

My oldest son was learning virtually, like most American children, so we thought “Hey! Why not get a little camper, renovate it, and hit the road!”

vintage rv girly

One camper turned into two, two turned into three, and so on! I think we just wrapped our 9th vintage camper renovation!!! Covid was the worst year for so many of us, but for our little family of 4, we were able to create a beautiful new business out of all of that darkness!

We now have a small business, Brit-TIN Designs LLC, my husband is British, we renovate TIN, and I am a former Designer, so see that little play on words? 😉  

I would describe my design style as clean-lined, bright, and FUN! I also never like to do the same thing twice… this is what keeps it super fresh, interesting, and FUN for me! I typically lean towards bright and colorful, over natural and serene, which I realize is not the norm these days. I love mixing patterns in a fun and unexpected ways!

vintage rv living room
vintage rv remodel

How did you decide on the style of your remodel?

For this trailer, which we named TIN Grace, I had a vision from the very beginning. She was named after my Grandmother, from who I believe I got a lot of my creative genes from.

She was fancy, frilly, fun, and loved PINK! So those pink cabinets, yep! She would have loved those! She was also a watercolor artist, which I tried to incorporate in the fun wallpaper mural at the back end. I love bold graphic prints, but still feel fairly abstract, or symmetrical. I love symmetry.

vintage rv kitchen
vintage rv stove

What would you call the style of your RV?

Boho Glam! I totally made that up, but that is how I describe my style. 

the before bathroom
vintage rv bathroom

What kind of RV do you have? Can you give us details about it, and how did you get your hands on it?

This is a 1976 Kit Road Ranger, we purchased her from a local Craigslist ad. We scour Craigslist multiple times a day! Ha!

vintage rv bads in the back
vintage rv sleeping area

What are your plans with the RV now that is finishes?

We did take her on one camping trip as a family before she left us for her sweet new family in Chicago. When I talked with her new owner, I knew right away it was meant to go to her. Her mother’s name was also Grace, and she had passed not long ago. I love when all the stars align like that, it’s like the universe is sending you a message!

vintage rv boho bright
vintage rv kitchen

How long were your planning process and the execution part? 

The initial planning process starts with a concept board of our Vintage Camper renovation. Here is where I pull all the major players together, like wallpaper, textiles, backsplash, etc. Once I have that, the rest kind of happens alongside the renovation process. Amazon is my best friend, and I am on a first-name basis with most of my delivery peeps! HA! The execution took a little over 6 weeks. 

vintage rv dinning
vintage rv wallpaper walls

Did you do it all yourself, did you have help, and did you hire out any part of the Reno?

My husband and I do all of the work, unfortunately for him, he does the majority of the hard manual labor, while I do what he calls the “aesthetically pleasing elements”. We did contract the new hot water heater installation out to a local RV shop.

vintage rv new refrigetator
vintage rv dinette
vintage rv trasformation

We are obviously obsessed with your selection of wallpaper, can you share where you got them from?

OMG! Right? I’m so obsessed with it too, it’s actually a wall mural, it comes in several panels, you can specify the size you need or they can do custom sizes! It is from Etsy, the sellers name is “Coloritto”.

vintage rv wallpaper
vintage camper remodeled pink

Can you share where you purchased some of the other things used for your Vintage Camper Reno?

Home Depot, Sherwin Williams pink cabinet paint color “Romance”, and Amazon! 



Amazon! lol! 

vintage camper beds
vintage kitchen remodeled

Do you think you would try to renovate another Camper?

We have two more in storage, and one we are working on now, so that would be a YES! 🙂  I am completely obsessed with these oldie but goodies! 

vintage camper exterior pink

Follow Allison

You can see all of Allison’s former and future camper renovations on Instagram, make sure to follow her @allisonthomasphotography

Thank you so much, Allison, for sharing a little behind the scenes of her pink-full-of-glam renovation!

joy + ken
vintage boho camper reno
vintage boho camper reno