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RV sofa bed upgrade ideas for your camper remodel

Replacing or upgrading your RV sofa bed is by far one of the most impactful projects to tackle when renovating or just making your RV cozier and more beautiful!

rv sofa sleeper

Most old RVs have some pretty crazy setups, with fabric that is not very cool, surfaces that are not very comfortable, and patterns that are super outdated BUT most of them are very functional.

So most RV owners choose to either update the sofa beds they already have OR go with new ones that can deliver in the functionality without sacrificing looks and comfort.

So today I want to cover some of the most important aspects to consider when DIY a renovation for a sofa couch and also some of our favorite options (and the ones we considered when renovating our own Camper)

The most common alternatives are:

  • Replacing with a regular sofa bed or futon
  • Replacing with a jackknife sofa
  • DIY small couch entirely
  • DIY a slipcover for the current couch

I will go over each one of them and some important thing to consider when deciding what route to go.

Replacing with a regular sofa bed or futon

Adding regular furniture into RV’s is a trend that keeps growing because of versatility and number of options when you are not restricted to defined styles for a sofa bed.

But there are several considerations to have in mind when considering going this route:

  • Weight: As we mention in this post that covers 5 things we learned during our remodel. Before adding anything to your RV, make sure that the sofa you will use weight the same or less than the one you are taking away.
  • Attachment: Most residential couches will need to either be bolted to a surface or be temporarily secured in some way while in transit. I’ve read of people using bungee cords or making special alignment of furniture to prepare everything inside the RV for bumpy roads.
  • Safety: On top of having in mind how the furniture will stay in place if you have a motorhome, you will need to consider that if any passengers will travel in this furniture, the law requires them to have a seat belt.

Now that we have cover all the basic considerations, let’s check into some inspiration and alternatives I found that will give you a similar look:

Grey sectional sofa bed

This beautiful living room from my friend April from @twinning_in_our_5thwheel is such an awesome example of how if you have space, a sectional is totally doable in an RV. For more pictures check out this feature of April’s RV remodel and her family here.

sectional sofa bed for rv
This lovely sectional with a pull-out sleeper measures 86 x 54 x 35 inches.
sectional rv sofa bed
This sectional also turns into a bed and measures 78.5 x 30.3 x 35 inches.

Futon sofa bed

Erika from @ourfivelakesfarmhouse has styled her futon so beautifully, I love how bright and airy her renovation is, and the futon is the perfect accent piece.

leather rv futon
Perfect for small spaces, it measures 72 x 34 x 32 inches and you can lift the edges up.
futon couch bed for rv
This comfortable futon sofa bed has stainless-steel legs and measures 71.2 x 37 x 32.7 inches.

Grey sofa bed

Bethany from @simplecatlady has made such a good job with her RV remodel and with the selection of sofas, they give the space the perfect mix of modern and cozy.

rv couch bed
[ Picture by @simplecatlady via IG ]
small couch bed
This light grey sleeper sofa bed measures 72.5 x 47.5 x 6 inches.
small sleeper couch
This loveseat has upholstery woven fabric, measures 57″ wide.

Cream color sofa bed for RV

While Kaylie’s couch from @bloomingoaksfarm is not a sofa bed, I was able to find a couple that resembles the style that is indeed a sofa bed. Those would be so perfect for an RV with a small space.

loveseat bed rv
Measures 55 x 38 x 38 inches and includes bi-fold twin size memory foam mattress.
loveseat sleeper rv
This chair-and-a-half upholstered sleeper sofa is perfect for small spaces, it measures 55.5″ wide.

Futon couch bed for RV

I am obsessed with the remodel that Courtney and Drew from @elloreeinspired have made to their RV, it’s the perfect rustic oasis!

It measures 68.5 x 32.5 x 29 inches, with soft microfiber upholstery and has a 600 lb weight limit.
futon for rv
It measures 66.1 x 33.1 x 29.5 inches and it’s upholstered in quality polyester fabric.

Mid-century charm

I love the modern vibes that Kate and Keegan from @kateandkeegan have infused into the latest RV they remodeled, their sofa is the perfect airy gray color.

sectional sofa in rv
[ Picture by @kateandkeegan via IG ]
mid century couch rv
Linen upholstery with diagonal stitching, it measures 78. 5 x 33. 5 x 32 inches, with a 600 lbs weight limit.
mid century futon
This is a slightly bigger futon, but perfect if you have more room, measures 84 x 35.5 x 33.5 inches.

Fabric Loveseat for RV

This renovation by Trina and Steve from @rvfixerupper is breathtaking! That shiplap and the bunks are just adorable, and I love how they selected simple rectangular lines for the sofa bed in a medium gray.

bunk beds and sofa bed
[ Picture by @rvfixerupper via IG ]
rv loveseat bed
Measures 55 x 38 x 38 inches and includes bi-fold twin size memory foam mattress.
loveseat bed rv
This twin sofa dimensions are 54 x 32.5 x 35.5 inches and the mattress dimensions are 72 x 37 x 3 inches.

Brown futon

It looks like what Shelvy from @shelbyadrift did is use two separate sofa chairs together, but I just love the look of the leather in contrast with the rest of the room. So lovely!

replacement camper couch
[ Picture by @shelbyadrift via IG ]
sleep couch for rv
This vintage style futon measures 70.5 x 34.5 x 30.5 inches.
brown sofa bed for rv
This modern brown futon measures 70 x 34.5 x 31 inches.

Grey modern sleeper sofa

This living room by Karlee from @karleemmarsh is such an inspiration, I love the play in textures and the contrast of the accent wall. Her couch is a pull-out but 

modern rv renovation
[ Picture by @karleemmarsh via IG ]
sofa sleeper rv
Light grey sofa bed, measures 72.5 x 43.3 x 15 inches
sofa rv bed
This dark grey sleeper bed measures 89 x 33.8 x 33.8 inches.

Grey Futon sleeper

Steve and Trina from the @rvfixerupper outdid themselves with this renovation (check it out here and swap to see the before) and their choice of a simple futon for the sofa looks awesome.

rv futon sleeper
[ Picture by @rvfixerupper via IG ]
futon for rv
Measures 67 x 35.2 x 29 inches.
grey rv futon
Measures 69 x 30 x 29 inches.

Brown leather couch

While this selection of leather couches are not technically couch beds, they are wide enough that can be used to sleep on them. I am so in love with how Gina from @uncommonfarmer styled a very similar one in the pictures below.

rv remodel sleeper sofa
[ Picture by @uncommonfarmer via IG ]
modern leather rv sofa

This beautiful tufted mid-century leather sofa measures 86.6 x 36.2 x 30.3 inches.
leather couch for rv

This contemporary sofa measures 83 x 35 x 31 inches and the seat depth is 22.83 inches.

Looking for more ideas for small couches? Check all these other picks below:


Replacing with a jackknife sofa

Of course, if replacing your RV sofa with another newer model is what you have in mind there are several options like the ones below in different colors and sizes that will work for most RVs.

  • PRO: For the most part replacing it would be pretty easy, they would be bolted to the ground so there’s no danger of it moving while in transit.
  • CON: The selection of styles is very limited, as well as the offering of fabrics and colors.

When it comes to RV furniture, sometimes you might not want, be allowed, or be able to give your RV a full upgrade. And that’s when making small changes can be very impactful, for this kind of situations, slipcovers can be the best way to go.
I explain more about it below!

DIY small couch

Another alternative that might need some kills in the building department is to venture into making your own couch.

I have only seen one couple do this (Katie and Eric from and I am so happy they made a full post explaining every step! You can find the post on how they built their small RV sofa here.

small diy sofa
[ Picture by ]

DIY slipcover

This was the option we decided to go for our RV remodel, the reason for this is that our couch and kitchenette seats were in very good shape, and since our budget was limited, we tried to go for the most budget-friendly option.

Here you can see that we went with a black fur for our couch and I selected a grey waterproof fabric for the slipcovers of the seats in the kitchenette, I love how easy to clean they are, plus making them was not hard. 

I will share a full tutorial of how I made our covers soon but in the meantime, I wanted to share the awesome job that Allie from made on the covers for her couch. Read all about her remodel here.


Of course, while researching what other RV owners are using to upgrade their sofa bed, I came across so many awesome accounts that I had to include, so here a little eye candy to get you inspired!

And remember to follow these accounts for more RV renovation inspiration!

camper sofa bed
[ Picture by @uncommonfarmer via IG ]
beautiful rv remodel
[ Picture by @arrowsandbow via IG ]
rv couch replacement
[ Picture by @tincanramblers via IG ]
sleeper sofa for rv
[ Picture by @ourstormyskyy via IG ]
camper sofa bed
[ Picture by @uncommonfarmer via IG ]
[ picture by @arrowsandbow via IG ]


There are so many alternatives depending on your style and budget when it comes to sofa beds.
I hope this roundup will help you find an alternative that will work for you!
Remember that if you have any questions, we always welcome you to contact us!

Happy renovating!


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